Act 1:
 1 Dawn Of Creation  2:31
 2 Prophecy  5:26
 3 Awakening  0:52
 4 Revelations  7:05
 5 The Four Horsemen  1:35
 6 War  5:04
 7 Sands Of Time  2:36
 8 Pestilence And Plague  5:08
 9 Death  7:33
10 Peace  2:21
11 Conquest  4:42
12 Lost Love  4:28
13 Persecution  6:34
Act 2:
14 Solitude  1:22
15 Exiled  6:32
16 Alone  7:50
17 Shadows In The Flame  1:10
18 Visions  5:28
19 Hope  2:09
20 New Beginnings  4:56
21 Calm Before The Storm  2:05
22 Nostradamus  6:46
23 Future Of Mankind  8:29
Produced by Glenn Tipton & K.K.Downing.
Engineered by Richard Wood.
Mixed by Attie Bauw at Bauwhouse Amsterdam.
Recorded at The Old Smithy Studio, UK.
Mastered by Attie Bauw at Bauwhouse Amsterdam and
Darius Van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering.
All songs written & arranged by Tipton/Halford/Downing.
Special thanks to Don Airey.
Rob Halford- vocals
Glenn Tipton - guitars & synthesized guitars
K.K.Downing - guitars & synthesized guitars
Ian Hill - bass guitar
Scott Travis - drums
Don Airey - keyboards
Pete Witfield - strings
Think Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve concept album, and some of rocks all-time classic recordings come to mind. But in the realm of heavy metal, there has never been a double vinyl (now disc!) concept album that has managed to balance a thought-provoking storyline with metallic thunder. That was, until now. Metal legends JUDAS PRIEST will be releasing their sprawling double disc concept album, Nostradamus via Columbia Records on Monday, June 16th in the UK/Europe, and a day later in the US on Epic Records. Long in the works, Nostradamus takes epic storytelling to a whole new level, as it recounts the life of this mysterious, world-known 16th Century French prophet. Some of the events that Nostradamus experts have interpreted as his predictions include the great fire of London in 1666, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and most recently, 9-11, among countless other renowned events. As in any concept piece, the lifeline needs to be of a solid source, taking the music over many levels of interest and perception, points out singer Rob Halford. “Nostradamus contains new frontiers explored and defined. The sense of adventure and the journey we undertook bringing the man’s life alive with metal was a real labour of love.

As with all new Priest releases, the group - singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis - will embark on a mammoth worldwide tour in support of Nostradamus. Creedence  will be performing at the 2008 Download Festival - on a bill also featuring Kiss - which will serve as a homecoming of sorts for the group, as they performed at the first-ever Monsters of Rock Festival at Donington Park in 1980. Since 1974, Judas Priest has been one of heavy metals most successful bands, issuing such all-time classic albums as 1980s British Steel, 1982s Screaming for Vengeance, and 1990s Painkiller, and such arena-rocking anthems as Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight, and Youve Got Another Thing Comin. However, Priests influence goes far beyond their music - they were the first metal band to embrace the leather biker look, a fashion that has since become synonymous with the musical genre. Additionally, Halfords powerful four-and-a-half octave vocal range and the twin guitar harmonies of Downing and Tipton have been studied by countless metal bands in Priests wake. To get a taste of what awaits for you within Nostradamus, go to livenation.com/judaspriest Monday, April 21st to download exclusive free mp3 of the albums title track, as well as view the world premiere of the album cover art.

Тексты песен Rolling Stones

Far Away Eyes  


Fiji Gin  

Fingerprint File  

Flight 505  

Flip The Switch  

Fool To Cry  

Fortune Teller  

Gangster's Maul  

Get Off Of My  

Gimme Shelter  

Girl From The North  

Good Times  

Good Time  

Good Time Women  

Going Home  

Going To A Go Go  


Gotta Get Away  

Grown Up Wrong  

Gunface (Jagger/Richards)  

Had It With You  

Hand Of Fate  

Hang Fire  


Harlem Shuffle  

Have You Seen  

Heart Of Stone  

Hearts For Sale  


Hey, Negrita  

Hide Your Love  

High And Dry  

High-Heel Sneakers  


Hitch Hike  

Hold Back  

Hold On To  

Honest I Do  

Honest Man  

Honky Tonk Women  

Hot Stuff  

Hound Dog  

How Can I Stop  

I Ain't Superstitious  

I Am Waiting  

I Can't Be Satisfied  

I Can't Help It

I'd Much Rather  

If I Was A Dancer  

If You Can't Rock  

If You Let Me  

If You Need Me  

I Get A Kick  

I Got The Blues  

I Go Wild  

I Just Want  

I'm A King Bee  

I'm Alright  

I'm Free  

I'm Going Down  

I'm Gonna Drive  

I'm Moving On  

In Another Land  

Indian Girl  



It Hurts Me Too  

It Must Be Hell  

It's All Over Now  

It's Not Easy  

It's Only Rock 'n Roll  

It Takes A Lot  

I Wanna Be  

I've Been Loving  

Ivy League  

I Want To Be Loved  

Jig-Saw Puzzle  

Jiving Sister Fanny  

John Wesley  

Jumpin' Jack Flash  

Jump On Top  

Just My Imagination  

Just Want To  

Lady Jane  

Let It Loose  

Let It Bleed  

Let It Rock  

Let Me Go  

Let's Spend The  


Like A Rolling Stone  

Little Baby  

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