Love you baby, love you baby
Sometimes we start
Start lon-ger again
Sing it now
We got to stick together, alright
If your gonna try, if your gonna try, if your gonna try, to win
Love you baby
Do you want to win baby?

Oh it feels so good I can't talk right now baby
And I wanna...
You make stutter when I touch, when I touch, when I touch, your sweet body
And then start tremblin', ohhmow...haa
I'm gonna fade out of you life, baby, I'm gonna fade-out-of-your-life
I'm gonna fade out of your life, I'm gonna fade out of your life
I'm gonna fade out of your life (fade)

Baby... Oh, I'm sending, out invitations
I'm gonna have me a big celebration, celebration
'Cause I'm giving-up on everything
Everything, I thought was mine
Now if your love is gettin' much stronger
I'm sending invitations
Why drag it out much longer?
I'm still gonna send an invitation
'Cause I'll be ahead
I'd be ahead
I'm still gonna send an invitation
If I could quit, quit while I'm behind
You got a way of, filling me up, ahhwoo
Enjoy watching me fall down
And I made up my mind this morning
He made up his mind
That I decide, I decide, I decide to stick around, Whooo
Ahhwooo, Ahhwooo

You know...

Ohhwoo You know what?
Seems like to me, whoa
Seems like to me, we got a good thing, yeah
Seems like to me, that we can sit down and talk

Oh I, I'd write a song, about something real funny
If I thought Don Curly would laugh
I got a song, about a whole lotta money
Oh, if I though it would bring me some cash, I need a whole lotta money
How long have I been trying to cross over?
I'm not gonna be a thing in the past
I'm already over

Let's harmonize off, awhoo
Life is short that's for sure
Oh the little things that you do
And that's all you have is only one
Let it be lost, let it be lost, let it be lost
Oh, love is gone, yeah, yeah

I'm sending an invitation
Celebration, yeah

Now bring it down real easy...
Oh I'm, I'm sending, out invitations, I love it, love it, love it, love it
I'm gonna have me a big celebration, sing it, sing it, sing it
I'm givin' up on everything
Everything I thought was mine
But if your love again is longer
Why drag this thing out much longer?
Yeah I'll be ahead
If I could bring what I...
You build me up just to let me down
Let me down
You seem to love seeing me falling down
Well what goes up
All the time, all the time, is gonna come down
Ohh, ohhh ehhhhyeah

Ohh I put a gun on the way I feel
If I thought my heart would run
In a million years
If I can have anymore fun
You gotta go through it
I'm gonna get to me
Are we all gonna do it?

It's starting to becoming a scuffle...

О туре 2010 года.

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